Your Starter PreCure Is…

Suite PreCure!

Suite PreCure!

Suite PreCure is the sixth separate series in the Pretty Cure franchise, and is perhaps the most dominatingly motif-heavy show amongst its peers. Suite is oozing to the brim with visual cues relating to music, character and location names, and least surprisingly (and most importantly, as well!), it boasts the most thoroughly composed original score to ever grace a magical girl show. The show boasts a lot of throwbacks to its predecessors. There is a heavy 2-girl dynamic going on between Hibiki/Cure Melody and Kanade/Cure Rhythm early on in the series, which gets phased away as more Cures are added. The addition of Cure Beat, the third cure, comes during the halfway point in the show, which sets the stage once again for the fourth cure, Cure Muse, the youngest PreCure portrayed in any series.

Suite definitely has a lot of awkward bumps in its writing and production, but is full of other wonderful things that make it difficult to discount. It’s a very specific show tailored to certain tastes, so if you’re a fan of music, stock animation, and motif execution, then Suite is definitely right up your alley for your first PreCure, as it does these things remarkably well.

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