Your Starter PreCure Is…

Heartcatch PreCure!

Heartcatch PreCure!

Heartcatch PreCure is a wonderful series, and is the best-received show in the franchise from viewers outside of the PreCure fandom. It initially stars two girls, Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom and Erika Kurumi/Cure Marine, but introduces a third and fourth PreCure as the show progresses. It combines the fantastic signature art style and character designs of Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Casshern Sins, Mushishi, Ojamajo Doremi) with a creative take on the monster-of-the-week formula to emphasize the weight of its week-to-week storylines.

Heartcatch is notable for its aloof fallen PreCure, Cure Moonlight, as well as her dark counterpart, Dark PreCure. The two of them form a formidable rivalry that always results in fantastic fight choreography and animation. Those who watch Heartcatch first are in for a wonderful visual feast. This show will definitely catch its viewers’ hearts!

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2 thoughts on “Your Starter PreCure Is…

  1. I got Heartcatch Precure! Yay! That is the one I started with and so far my favorite. It’s the oddball of the series but I love it. Giant explosions, cute fairies, bright colors, and not to mention the BEST FUNALE IN THE WORLD! I can’t give away anything but it is pretty EPIC! Also love the movie. Oliver is so cute! (Tsubomi and Oliver forever) I find it hard for me to get into a series sometimes but this one just clicked for me. I loved every minute of every second. I just finished Smile Precure and it was amazing to. Now I’m am watching Fresh Precure. I always get so connected with the characters that I’m sad when a series end but then I start a new one. Sometimes I find it hard to keep with a series so I just start a new one. Like I tried to watch pretty cure 5 but for some reason just got bored after the fifth episode. But I want to start it again. After I finish fresh precure I’m thinking of watching Doki Doki precure. Is it any good? (Ps sorry for the long comment just had a lot to say if you know what I mean)

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