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[PCSS] Pretty Cure Splash Star 27 (DVD) [E4D16C29].mkv_snapshot_16.09_[2013.02.13_08.14.28]

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Splash Star!

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Splash Star is the second separate continuity and the third season in the Pretty Cure franchise. It features two girls, Saki and Mai, who become Cures Bloom and Egret. On the surface, their character designs are criminally similar to Nagisa and Honoka from the original Futari wa Pretty Cure, but the show as a whole takes on a completely different approach this time around.

One of the more fascinating things about Splash Star is the appearance of two particular characters, Michiru and Kaoru, who make their debut towards the first half of the show. They forge a strong bond with the main girls, but their backstories make for a riveting midway arc that is easily one of the best in the series.

Splash Star

Also, it has Saki-face. You simply can’t go wrong with Saki-face.

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