Cast Dynamics Considerations

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

While some PreCure series may share an identical cast size, they may even have each character in its cast perform the same function. In some cases, certain characters can be molded from the same original stock archetypes. However, the relationships formed between the PreCure themselves as well as characters outside of the main cast can help differentiate them from similarly designed counterparts. For example, Yes! Pretty Cure 5, whose strengths reside in great inter-cure chemistry, is nonetheless different from its contemporary, Smile PreCure, whose strengths reside in single character spotlights.

Cast Dynamics Considerations

When considering a PreCure series, which of the following applies to you?

“I prefer an inward, focused relationship between the PreCure themselves.” – Claim your starter PreCure!
“I prefer an outward relationship between the PreCure and their environments/other characters.” – Claim your starter PreCure!

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