What Is Your Starter PreCure?

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It’s not easy to watch 10 years worth of fighting monsters of the week. Nor is it easy to keep up with 8 different continuities that span a total of over thirty named PreCure. It’s not easy to watch all of those episodes at once without having your brain completely fuzz out into a slushy pile of hearts and flowers. PreCure is a tough franchise to get into for the first time, since there are simply so many franchises to watch, and so many characters to take in. When choosing the first one, you can’t go too wrong with most of them, depending on what your personal production and design tastes are, so here’s a little quiz to see which series may potentially fit what you’re looking for when watching a PreCure show for the first time. Let’s begin!

Marketing Considerations

The first series aired in the Pretty Cure franchise was Futari wa Pretty Cure, which was quite rough around the edges, but didn’t truly know what kind of success it was going to have going forward. At 10 years, the franchise is old enough to show its different phases in marketing and production approach.

When considering a PreCure series, which of the following applies to you?

“I prefer a more classic style: older, raw production aimed at a narrower audience.” – Proceed to cast balance considerations
“I prefer a more modern style: newer, refined production aimed at a wider audience.” – Proceed to motif considerations