Cure Blogger is a blog that primarily talks about the Pretty Cure franchise. Pretty Cure is a magical girl metaseries created and produced by Toei Animation. It consists of a considerably large number of anime television series, movies, manga, and video games. The first series, Futari wa Pretty Cure, aired in 2004, and has since spawned numerous iterations and continues to this day, where Dokidoki! PreCure is currently airing for the 2013 calendar year.

While the original intended demographic for Pretty Cure included young girls, the franchise’s production and storytelling style gained widespread appeal and is now developed with both genders and multiple age groups in mind. For the anime fan outside of Japan, Pretty Cure’s relatively long history of multiple series and movie spinoffs, and the barrier to entry can be quite intimidating for someone who is interested in getting to know more about it.

That’s what this blog is for. Cure Blogger seeks to provide insight for all PreCure fans, prospective or veteran, local or international. Originally started as a collection of episodic posts for the 2012 series Smile PreCure on the anime blog Baka Laureate, the scope and focus of the posts have touched upon other series in the franchise. Currently, it features posts that cover episodes in this year’s ongoing series, Dokidoki! PreCure.

Krizzlybear, the author, is a blogger in his late twenties, and outside of PreCure, enjoys watching other anime series as well as playing video games such as League of Legends. He works a day job at a downtown Toronto office, and outside of Cure Blogger, also writes fiction and aims to one day publish a novel.

Kriz can be contacted at krizzlybear {at} gmail {dot} com.