12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #9: The Legend Continues

The legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure have a history of slaying dragons, though those cases are often saved for special events, such as standalone movies and All-Stars. In the Heartcatch PreCure movie, Coupe-sama delivers a rising uppercut to Baron Salamander’s dragon form; he literally does a dragon punch.

HeartCatch PreCure Movie

In PreCure All-Stars DX3, Salamander’s dragon form makes a return, and the girls finish him off with a shining fortissimo. Not until Dokidoki do we get to see dragons once again. In episode 30, the PreCure face off against Melan, the legendary fairy partner to Cure Empress. Thanks to Aguri’s innate knowledge of PreCure history (as far as the Dokidoki universe is concerned; more on this in a minute), she mentions a trio of legendary items:

Dokidoki PreCure!

The Miracle Dragon Glave;

Dokidoki PreCure!

The Magical Lovely Pad;

Dokidoki PreCure!

The Eternal Golden Crown.

I really love fictional elements when they come in threes. In fantasy in particular, three is such a cool number to use, and the legend that Aguri passes down to the PreCure feels like something from a Legend of Zelda prologue. The origin of the Legendary Warriors in Dokidoki is completely different from that of HeartCatch, yet, they share a similarity between each other that they have a history at all. As mentioned before, Baron Salamander is not only the big bad of the Heartcatch movie, but is also the original villain that was sealed by the very first PreCure in the Heartcatch universe, Cure Ange. In an awesome coincidence, the Miracle Dragon Glaive is wielded by none other than the princess of the trump kingdom, Marie-Ange.

Dokidoki brings back the Legend alongside another iconic legendary creature, the dragon, shown in the first screenshot of this post. While this series’ dragon is not the final form of a villain, but rather that of Melan, an overarching storyline to the battle itself is that of Melan’s loneliness as a result of Cure Empress’s passing away. Not only does it make her final form that of a reclusive legendary beast, but it also hints at the particularly long duration of time passing between her partnership with Cure Empress and present events.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Contrasted with the detail that the original three mystical items were wielded by the first legendary warriors some 10,000 years ago, the history of PreCure in Dokidoki is long, yet understated. While it’s not as well-curated as the history of HeartCatch’s PreCure via the PreCure Palace, the scatteredness of Dokidoki’s history and its passing of information through oral tradition is a more subtle, yet fascinating form of world building, making this year’s installment a wonderful little morsel of lore for the franchise’s biggest fans.

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #9: The Legend Continues

  1. Lol the Miracle Dragon Glaive sounds like a epic weapon drop in World of Warcraft! I loved this episode because damn I love dragons and of course the talk of legendary precure was great and YES! There is a lot of lore found in Doki Doki Precure.

    I guess we will see the crown coming up in episode 45? I wonder what that does…

    1. [Miracle Dragon Glaive] is definitely a hunter item. Gives AGI, HP, HIT, and CRT.

      [Eternal Golden Crown] would be a cloth headpiece, granting HP, INT, SP, and SPI, but the hunter will still roll Need on it when it drops, lol

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