12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #8: Gang Signs up in this PreShizzle

2012 brought us Smile PreCure and the rock paper scissors game with Cure Peace. Every week, viewers looked forward to playing the most dangerous game with Yayoi Kise, but this year, there’s less audience participation (though in fairness, janken was one of a kind). Instead, Dokidoki brings us the super cool PreCure hand signs pertaining to each respective Cure.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Cure Heart’s is pretty easy to recognize, and it’s probably the most commonly used sign outside of the show. If you want to show someone you love them, you throw up a heart and you’ll make your feelings known while at the same time look like a bit of a fool in the process. Not Mana though, she’s so genuine with her love, she could just flash a heart in your face and you’ll fall in LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Cure Sword is pretty interesting, because if you think of it, the spade symbol in a traditional deck of playing cards is actually an upside-down heart with a stem coming out of its butt. There’s nothing really too meaningful about this symbol because a spade isn’t necessarily directly associated with swords. It’s okay though, because the way Cure Sword does her symbol, she uses her thumbs to draw the outline between the upside down heat and the base of the spade as well. It’s a pretty cool usage of negative space. Pretty gangster if you’re into visual art theory and stuff.

Say what you will about Makopi; she looks like she’s going to kill someone with that expression.

Dokidoki PreCure!

But whatever street cred Sword has with her hand sign, Rosetta has the same in spades. But shouldn’t sword be associated with spades? Ah, whatever. Rosetta just doesn’t give a fuck about what your selfish heart desires. She’s going to warm you up with her sunshine shit, and there’s nothing you can do about it because her sign is complex as fuuuck. She takes the thumb thing to create the clover stem, but also adds her index fingers to create lines to separate each clover leaf. Pretty legit.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Oh, and if you think she’s not serious about warming your life, you better watch yourself, because she’ll throw that gang sign anywhere, even falling from the sky, upside down. That’s so hardcore, I just can’t describe how gangster she is. She seriously doesn’t give a fuck.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Oh, Cure Ace. You sorta had it. But you really couldn’t do anything but make a letter A with your hands. No outlines here, just spelling out the letters with your hands like you’re trying to do some sort of Naruto seal. Though, with that charming wink, I imagine a thousand Cure Aces all throwing the same gang sign and cute wink would be hella tight.

Despite all of this, the most gangster Dokidoki sign is Cure Diamond’s, hands down. She’s Cure fuckin’ Diamond. She’s the embodiment of swag, she might as well be renamed Cure Swag, right? And you know your sign is legit when everyone in pop culture is throwin’ it down too.

Dokidoki PreCure!

Look at all of those celebs. Spock, Snoop, Jay-Z, That chief from Carmen fucking San Diego. Diamond’s sign is the shit.

And oh, I heard that Beyonce secretly dropped an album on itunes earlier this month. I’m pretty sure it went diamond.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #8: Gang Signs up in this PreShizzle

  1. I love how some of the precure seasons follow a theme and playing cards work well for Doki Doki! It makes me wonder what Happiness PreCure will do next if they follow any kind of theme.

    The best ones in this season are Cure Rosetta and Cure Diamond and LOL I thought the same thing with Cure Ace her sign she does is straight out of Naruto which left me saying where are the shadow clones!?

    What would Regina’s be if she was a precure? Making an R with your hands looks crazy hahah

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