12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #11: The Flip

There are two action shots from the original Futari wa Pretty Cure series whose iconicity represents the series itself within the entire franchise. There’s the Futari jump, in which Cure Black leaps away from a smokey explosion, and there’s the Futari flip, in which both PreCure sommersault in sync, stopping at a wall or column, punctuated by the girls looking back up at the enemy (as seen above). These shots are repeated as a sort of visual schtick that the girls own, especially during the All-Stars movies:

Pretty Cure All-Stars DX3

In DX3, the “look up” beat coincides with Max Heart’s OP fanfare shot (“Max Heeaaart!!”) that leads to the rest of the show’s theme played as background music for their special attack, and it’s pretty damn great.

Even doubling back to the DX2 ED, the girls use both the Futari jump and the Futari flip in succession as part of the choreography of their section of the medley, to great effect and service to fans of the original:

Precure All Stars DX2 - ED (BD 720p) [Kirakira] [F90B3CD6].mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2013.12.26_22.19.28] Precure All Stars DX2 - ED (BD 720p) [Kirakira] [F90B3CD6].mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2013.12.26_22.08.27] Precure All Stars DX2 - ED (BD 720p) [Kirakira] [F90B3CD6].mkv_snapshot_02.26_[2013.12.26_22.08.31]

As Dokidoki is still the newest installment in the franchise (at least, until HappinessCharge airs in 2014), it doesn’t necessarily have the classic status of a Futari wa to have an iconic action shot, but the show in itself is quite interesting in its cinematic direction. While I don’t really think that Dokidoki could become a “classic” precure to any sort of extent, it still has some really cool action shots that are merely reiterated later on in the show. For instance, the slow-motion backflip that Cure Sword does in episode 1 is emulated by Cure Heart halfway into the series, perhaps as a visual cue that her strength as a PreCure has grown by leaps and bounds, litterally.

[Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.01.[1280x720].[7AA2B24C].mkv_snapshot_17.33_[2013.12.26_21.58.28] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.23.[1280x720].[5453C9E7].mkv_snapshot_20.24_[2013.12.26_22.02.33]

Once a student, now a master. Dokidoki does a lot of cool things visually, and this is one example that reminds me so much of Futari wa and their own iconic shots that I can’t help but appreciate the throwback. Whether this sort of pose is reprised in future All-Stars movies remains to be seen, but I would definitely be one of the few to look out for it.



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