12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #12: Believe in Rikka

Cure Blogger is back, and better than ever! Okay, maybe not better than ever, but it’s back! So much has happened in the world of Pretty Cure, particularly in Dokidoki that, despite the lengthy absence from the blog, the arrival of Christmas has provided the most wonderful little opportunity to catch up with the show by providing 12 days, 12 moments, 12 delicious drops of Dokidoki. It’s almost like I never left, right?

If I really wanted to, I could make this post series 12 Days of Cure Diamond. For all of Dokidoki’s unevenness throughout the show’s run, the consistent rock that provided the emotional core of the show has always been Rikka Hishikawa and her search for herself. Of all the characters in the main cast, she is perhaps the most mundane in her background. Where everyone else comes from popularity and capability (Mana), celebrity (Makoto), and fortune (Alice), Rikka is the girl who, even without her strong emotional character narrative, is naturally the most identifiable of the four. She doesn’t have any noticeable qualities or talents other than her studiousness, which provides the most room for her to grow as a character.

If anything, she is the penultimate blank slate character in PreCure; her identity is not apparent like other girls (i.e., Yayoi with her art, Honoka with her science, Komachi with her novels, etc.), and her character arc is that of discovery, rather than progression. We learn about Rikka alongside Rikka herself, and this plays into her identity and role as a PreCure as well. When tested by Cure Ace in episode 26, Diamond puts her allegiance on the line by assisting an injured Ira, not because of her duty as a PreCure but as a duty to herself and the person that she wants to become. It’s a wonderful sort of selfishness, acknowledged as a point of strength for her, that which has not been present from the start.

The best part, however, is not so much her decision to do it, but the support that she gets from her friends, namely Raquel. Despite her journey of self-discovery, she does not travel alone. PreCure is about friendship, and her friends rally around her defiance in perhaps the most touching manner throughout the series. She draws her strength from them for once, and becomes capable of doing the same in return when the series continues into the second half.


4 thoughts on “12 Days of Dokidoki PreCure #12: Believe in Rikka

  1. “It’s a wonderful sort of selfishness, acknowledged as a point of strength for her, that which has not been present from the start.”

    It is a wonderful sort of selfishness. I think so much about Rikka revolves around what she desires, and trying to figure that out. She wants to be close to Mana. She wants to play karuta. She wants to be a doctor – or does she? There’s so much she wants and a lot of the times it’s like she doesn’t believe she is allowed to want those things, or deserves them.

    And yeah, her kind of ordinariness is what makes her so easily relatable. Her insecurities are derived from that it seems.

    Hehe, in any case, I am so hyped for 12 days of dokidoki =)

    1. To build on your point about her doubts as to whether or not she feels her selfishness is warranted, it’s because of her friends’ support that her convictions about what she wants to do are strengthened, and by extension, her abilities as a precure grow stronger as well.

      I’m glad I have you on board for 12 days of doki; I look forward to your responses!

  2. Yoooooooooooo! Krizzly! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas <3

    Rikka is such a great character I didn't like her at the start as much, but lately she has grown on me and like you said We learn about Rikka alongside Rikka herself.

    What are your thoughts on the next Precure series? I don't know much but I kind of hoped they would return to just having two precures instead of all the team stuff we have had for the past two seasons, but I guess the team format is probably popular and pushes the sales of toys and what not.

    1. I had a fairly enjoyable christmas, I hope your holidays were good as well!

      I think one of the reasons why people wouldn’t like characters like Rikka are inherent in the fact that you just don’t know her at first. Blank slates are a little bland to begin with by nature, and it takes some getting used to and a lot of growing fondness for such character appeal to pay off.

      I haven’t heard too much about HappinessCharge, but I do look forward to watching it as always!

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