Pretty Cure is Coming to Anime North!

If you live in the Toronto area, or are planning to visit the area next weekend, I will be participating in a number of panels at Anime North, one of Canada’s largest fan-run anime conventions. More specifically, I will be talking about PreCure in most of them! Here is rundown of everything PreCure-related that will be taking place from May 24-26.

Presentation: Pretty Cure, an Introduction
Date: Friday, May 24
Time: 7pm-8pm
Room: Halton (Doubletree)

For the uninitiated, curious, or veteran alike, this Pretty Cure presentation is an overview of the 10-year history of the wonderful Magical Girl franchise, presented by yours truly. Unlike panels, this is a presentation, and as such, there will (hopefully) be a tidied up supplementary powerpoint presentation. Don’t miss it!

Screening: Pretty Cure All-Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi
Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 10am-12pm
Room: New York Video 4 (Doubletree)

This is a screening of 2012’s entry into the franchise’s mega-crossover movie series, Pretty Cure All-Stars. New Stage features PreCure appearances from every single franchise from Futari wa Pretty Cure to Smile PreCure, the most recent series when the movie first premiered. It even features a movie-exclusive Cure, Cure Echo.

Presentation: Magical Girls and Yuri
Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 4pm-5pm
Room: Niagara (Sheraton)

This is a presentation with powerpoint goodness featuring the Yuri fandom in magical girl anime. I will be a participating panelist at this event, providing insight into the yuri fandom of Pretty Cure in particular. This panel is held at the Sheraton, which is a separate hotel from the rest of the convention.

Screening: Dokidoki! PreCure
Date: Sunday, May 26
Time: 12pm-1pm
Room: Paris Video 5 (Doubletree)

This is a screening for Dokidoki, which takes place at the doubletree. I’ve spoken about Dokidoki plenty in this blog so far, but seeing it on a large projector screen is always great. Last year, the organizers of Anime North slotted 2 hours to screen Smile PreCure!, and they continue on to this year with Dokidoki!

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