April I’m In Love: The Beginner’s Guide To The Cure

The Cure, Live in singapore


The Cure is an English rock band whose claim to fame was their unique sound and laying the groundwork for alternative rock music for years to come. Their dark and gloomy lyrics, combined with melancholic melodic lines in their instrumentation made for an appealing sound that became their signature for the duration of their run during the 80’s and 90’s. Hit songs like “Just Like Heaven,” “Friday I’m in Love,” and “Lovesong” had charted success on the Billboards, and showed that the band was also capable of producing bright pop hits on top of their darker material.

The mainstay member of The Cure is Robert Smith, the singer and frontman of the band. While the roster that surrounded him saw numerous changes and shifts throughout the band’s run, he nonetheless maintained the same style of the band’s sound, resulting in sustained success despite the changes in personnel.

Current Line-Up

Robert Smith (lead vocal, guitar, keyboard): Robert is the lead member of the Cure and the only member to have been in the Cure’s roster since the band’s inception. He is known mostly for his gloomy, goth-like appearance, and his musical style consists of a wailing sound through the various effects used while playing guitar.

Simon gallup (bass guitar, keyboard): Simon is the bassist of The Cure, replacing Michael Dempsey in 1979. He is the longest-serving member of the band, and is known to be on closest terms with Robert Smith. Despite disagreements which led to his departure from the group between 1982 and 1985, he has remained a loyal member of the band, and is considered the primary ship with Robert Smith.

Roger O’Donnell (keyboard): Due to The Cure’s synthetic sound, the keyboard player position was always in flux throughout various points of the band’s career. However, Roger O’Donnell is the person who filled in the role on a full-time basis throughout much of their peak years, especially during their album Disintegration.

Jason Cooper (percussion): Jason is the latest active drummer for the Cure, and has only seen work with the band from the 90’s and onwards, replacing Boris Williams, who had worked with them during their peak years. Jason is a capable drummer and musician, having been credited with work including composition work for feature films like From Within, which won an award from the Solace Film Festival for Original Score.

Reeves Gabrels (guitar): Reeves is the most recent member to join the group, playing guitar and replacing Porl Thomson. His career is more defined by his work with David Bowie, and is known as one of the most creative improvisational guitarists in his era, and is best-known for his genre-defying sound. He joined The Cure in 2012.

Discography Highlights

Just Like Heaven: Just Like Heaven is the third single from the band’s 1987 album Kiss Kiss Kiss, and is the band’s first top-40 hit on the Billboard’s top 100 list. It is characterized by its bright energy, and fuzzy guitar sound and lyrics that evoke the pop sound that the band is probably the most recognized for.

Lullaby: Lullaby is the sixth track on The Cure’s album Disintegration. It is a slower, more electronic composition that reflects the synthetic sound that the band adopted as it transitioned into their 90’s sound. It is the most successful track that the band released in the UK, and is the only song to ever reach the top 5 in the UK charts.

Friday I’m In Love: Friday I’m in Love is The Cure’s second single from their 1992 album, Wish. It is perhaps their most successful track during the 90’s, signifying their sustained success despite internal turmoil during their success in the 80’s. It reached #18 on the US top 40, and the last Cure song to reach #1 on the Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart.

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