Cure March Madness: The Suite Sixteen

Suite Sixteen

In the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, the field has whittled down from over 64 to just 16, and as a result, the Suite Sixteen have emerged from the group in the Pretty Cure All-Stars analog bracket. Major upsets shook up nearly everyone’s predictions, and the Soular Regional is wide open for the taking. No girl is safe, and it’s only a matter of time before one of these Cures will take the crown as champion. Another week of Cure Collegiate Competition is in store, and intriguing storylines have come out of nowhere. Let’s take a look at each bracket heading into the next set of matches.

Northa Regional

Cure Marine made quick work of Cure Rosetta in a match that was barely a pebble on the road to the Fresh Final Four, however, she faces yet another Doki Doki precure in Cure Sword, who bested last year’s darling, Cure Sunny. Both combatants have different backgrounds and storylines in their respective series, with Marine being the unrelenting supporting source of energy in Heartcatch, and Cure Sword making a name for herself in only eight episodes of action. Expect a very intense battle to the very end. Cure Peach got her happiness after defeating Cure Rhythm in the 3/6 seed match, and now squares off against the face of Smile PreCure, Cure Happy, who recently eliminated her fellow teammate, Cure Beauty. One of three matchups between lead Cures, Peach and Happy are from the chronological first series in their respective All-Stars generations, with Peach heading the Deluxe generation, and Happy hailing from the New Stage generation. Which one will prevail?

Eternal Eight Prediction: Cure Marine defeats Cure Peach

Soular Regional

The Soular Regional features some of the most intense upsets that can be expected from a seeded tournament setup. Heavy favourite Cure White fell victim to a scrappy Shiny Luminous, blowing the division wide open. Even Cure March got in on the upset-fest, taking down a very strong Cure Moonlight, the apple of many a Heartcatch fan’s eye. The remaining Heartcatch girls in the bracket, Blossom and Sunshine are in for a deceptively straightforward path to a Heartcatch regional final, but given what has happened up to this point, pretty much anything can happen.

Eternal Eight Prediction: Cure Sunshine beats Cure Blossom

Eas Regional

The symbollic figurehead of the Eas Regional is still alive, with Cure Passion victorious over a spunky Cure Muse. She faces the winner of the most riveting match in the tournament in Cure Egret, who beat her PreCure Splash (co-)Star, Cure Bloom. Cure Bloom is the only lead Cure in the entire tournament to lose her round of 32 match. On the flip-side, the second of three Lead vs Lead matchups have been set, with Dokidoki damsel Cure Heart facing off against Suite PreCure’s Cure Melody. Melody and Heart are the leads of two series separated chronologically by only one series (Smile). Both are relative newcomers to the franchise, but have plenty of prove if they want to establish their spot in PreCure valhalla. Despite having only one upset in this bracket, the Eas Regional final is sure to be filled with heart-throbbing excitement.

Eternal Eight Prediction: Cure Passion beats Cure Melody

Westar regional

Despite a number of upsets in the NCAA tournament’s round of 64, the coinciding round of 32 went by as expected. All the higher seeds in the All-Stars analog bracket made it through, and it would seem that Cure Peace’s juggernaut path to the Fresh Final Four remains as unhindered as it gets. After an easy victory over Cure Pine, she faces Milky Rose, fresh from a victory over her close pal in Cure Aqua. Peace is the only remaining All-Stars era cure in the bracket, and should be a lock for the finals. Meanwhile, the last Lead vs Lead matchup is between the old guard in Yes 5’s Cure Dream and Futari wa’s Cure Black. Other than the iconography of being the first lead cure ever, a Black versus Peace matchup in the regional final will be a battle of old versus new.

Eternal Eight Prediction: Cure Peace beats Cure Black

With a 1-seed already elminated from the competition, the tournament can get only wilder from here. Who will become the champion? Suite Sixteen matches air today and tomorrow. The final four will be showcased next week. Stay tuned!

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