Doki Doki! PreCure Episode 4: Clover Knight

Doki Doki! PreCure

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The Yellow-hue PreCure is often the support character and third character to join the cast. From Lemonade to Peace, she provides an added dimension to the 2-man group, and shows strong ability in disruptive or defensive abilities. Cure Lemonade has an ensnaring chain that binds Hoshiina in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!; Cure Pine’s healing prayer purifies Nakewameke instead of vanquishing them outright in Fresh Pretty Cure!; Cure Sunshine’s sunflower aegis in Heartcatch PreCure! is a formidable shield that deflects energy blasts; Cure Muse, despite being the fourth PreCure to join the Suite PreCure ensemble, has shining circle, which traps the enemy in a seal. With her Touma-like abilities to cancel Jikochu attacks completely, Cure Rosetta continues the tradition of support PreCure, and can pack a PreCure punch as well.


Alice Yotsuba invites Mana and Rikka to her mansion for tea, and reveals to them her knowledge about the PreCure. Alice not only vows secrecy, but also provides support for Cures Heart and Diamond through her information network. The two PreCure vanquish an mp3 player Jikochu, but Lance, the third TrumpKingdom fairy, asks for Alice to join the PreCure. She declines to join because of a traumatic childhood experience where she got into a fight. Heart and Diamond later fight a boombox Jikochu, while Alice stays at home pondering her PreCure calling. Lance convinces her to join, informing that a PreCure’s power is for defending important friends. Alice joins the fight and transforms into Cure Rosetta. She nullifies the Jikochu’s beam attacks, and Cure Heart finishes it off. Alice officially joins the team, informing that the fourth PreCure may be the popular idol Makoto Kenzaki.

While her friendship with Mana doesn’t run as far back as Rikka’s, Alice is still an important friend to the other two girls. She isn’t as close, either, but she does hold the two girls dear to her because of her circumstances as an absurdly wealthy girl. Compared to other kids in fiction who are portrayed as autonomous due to wealth, Alice’s background doesn’t provide her the “natural protection” at school. It begs the question of why she attends a public school at all, instead of a prestigious academy; regardless, this setup allows for the three girls to have a history of sorts together, and provides the basis for Alice’s eventual decision to join the group.

Doki Doki! PreCure

This is an interesting decision because of her absurd wealth, unprecedented for a PreCure outside of Karen/Cure Aqua from Yes Pretty Cure 5. While Karen’s family owns numerous villas and islands, she doesn’t have the Bruce Wayne-esque technology that litters every nook and cranny of her manor. Every part of Alice’s home is a guise for the underlying gadgets and gizmos that serve her needs, all of which are controlled from a single tablet controlled by her personal butler, Sebastian.

Sebastian is an interesting character, because he essentially stands in as the filial support for Alice in absence of her mother and father, who is clearly absent for anime reasons. Like all butlers, he is the one to provide insight for his servant; in this case, it’s Alice’s relationship with the other two cures. Unlike Rikka, who joins Mana out of selfless necessity, Alice’s reasons to join the group are more inward. Despite providing priceless support with her wealthy resources, she is at her best when she’s supporting them directly as a PreCure. She shines the most brightly when she’s with friends instead of being alone.

This is what makes her design as a support character the most critical. Alice doesn’t particularly have that stands out by her lonesome other than being rich; unlike Batman, who has a tragic backstory that puts him front and centre of his own narrative, Cure Rosetta is a privileged precure who is even fortunate enough to have normal friends to keep her grounded from the exorbitant possibilities that her background allows. Alice doesn’t humor her own larks the way Tomoyo Daidouji does with her camera when she’s supporting Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura; however, the nature of her initial connection to world of magical girls is similar.

Doki Doki! PreCure
Cardcaptor Sakura

That said, while Alice does have a more functional approach with her resources that teeters more on the side of Bruce Wayne than Tomoyo, the parallels between her relationship with Mana and Tomoyo’s with Sakura is especially interesting. As AJTheFourth pointed out in a comment from last week’s post, both Tomoyo and Alice remain their own characters despite providing support for Mana/Sakura. With Rikka and Makoto thrown into the mix, there even exists an angle where the relationship dynamics surrounding Mana possibly puts Alice off to the side in importance, and that’s completely okay; for girls with everything in the world, the two of them don’t get to have their dear friends all to themselves, but Alice and Tomoyo are more than happy just to see their friends happy.

This is a different kind of selflessness that earns Alice the ability to become Cure Rosetta at all. Despite her physical prowess and experience at martial arts (again, Bruce Wayne), she holds back from the call at first because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone with the power that she may receive. Compare that with Rikka, whose oft-waning confidence lowers her own self-worth as a PreCure; between the two of them, one believes that she doesn’t have enough power to be bestowed the responsibility of a legendary warrior, and the other believes that she has too much. In the middle is Mana and Makoto, who span a different spectrum of competency and experience on a perpendicular axis. By the time Cure Sword joins the cast in episode 7 (the same weekend that Pretty Cure All-Stars 2 comes out), the team dynamic will be set in place for Alice to fully utilize her support powers.

It’s a bit of a shame that the scheduling restrictions leave Alice/Cure Rosetta as the only character in the cast to not get a more fleshed out introductory arc (that is, an additional episode). The intricacy of Cure Sword’s story as both a prologue PreCure and as an idol in her civilian form require a certain delicacy of handling her introduction to the group. She’s more tied to the story of the TrumpKingdom than Cure Rosetta, and will thus require more episodes to integrate into the main cast. Consequently, Alice’s backstory is much simpler than even Rikka’s, so it’s understandable that she would only need a single episode to join. She’ll probably get a bit of the shaft as far as cast balancing is concerned, but that’s completely fine; as a support character, her real value is in making everyone else stand out even more, even if her deeds will eventually go unheralded.

Doki Doki! PreCure

Because she’s the hero PreCure needs, though not necessarily the one it deserves. So, we’ll give her just a bit of recognition, even though she doesn’t want it. Because she’s not the hero. She’s a four-leafed warrior. A shining shield. A Clover Knight.

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  1. Rich girls still attending public schools seems to be a common trope in Japanese anime. Off the top of my head I can remember it in CCS itself (Tomoyo) and in Nanoha (one of Nanoha’s friends), and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it elsewhere as well (including in non magical girl shows).

    1. Right, funny how I mentioned that and still managed to describe Tomoyo in detail. I meant to say outside of magical girl shows, but thinking about it a little more, I recall seeing shows with rich girls in specialized schools (i.e., all-girls schools, arts schools, etc.) but necessarily in public schools.

  2. Alice as Bruce Wayne I can not un-see it, but you hit the nail on the head if you think about it in detail it totally works and Sebastian is the best mustached butler of all time! I know there is Hyate in terms of quickness, but Sebastian is quick to assist Alice and the other Cures with his epic driving skills~

    Cure Rosetta had me thinking about Cure Sunshine the entire time because of the whole shield/blocking abilities they share along with their backgrounds in various forms of martial arts, I guess Rosetta will be the core fighter along of the team along with Cure Sword who appears to be a very confident fighter, but how will she act with the team? I think she will take a while to come over to the team side vs going solo…just like Kirito of Sword Art Online!

    Cure idol next week I AM SO HYPE!

    1. I definitely got Sunshine vibes from Alice’s martial arts background. The question is, who would win in a sparring match? I’d say sunshine simply because she still trains at her current age, which makes her less prone to rust like Alice. However, I can see Mana whispering to Alice, “Hey, that girl totally made fun of me behind your back, you should do something about it,” and that would pretty much set her off for good, haha.

    2. This is true I bet Sunshine would win in a sparing match I assume that Alice quit training and is probably not as skilled at fighting currently, but who knows maybe she will get back into training with these new precure powers~

      Alice is my fav right now, but as always I end up liking all the characters xDD

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