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Originally inspired by the Find Your ‘Gateway Gundam’ post from We Remember Love, What is Your Starter PreCure? is a feature that I’ve added to this website, constructed with the sole intent of suggesting a starter precure for newcomers to the PreCure fandom. As it stands, there are currently 8 separate continuities spanning 10 years, even more movies, including a crossover movie series that features every single Pretty Cure to date. With the introduction of Doki Doki! PreCure and its initial popularity, I’m getting quite a few questions asking about where to start.

Series length consideration aside, I wouldn’t start with the movies, as they are merely hour-long episodes that fit within the framework of its associated television series, (save for the crossover movies, Pretty Cure All-Stars, which are an animal on its own). The crossover movies are an interesting possibility, as it can serve as a smorgasbord of the characters that are available, but again, I personally wouldn’t recommend any of them, simply due to the ridiculously large cast size.

Certainly, the dilemma faced by trying to get into the PreCure franchise isn’t as daunting as the Gundam franchise as mentioned earlier, since there is a whole lot less history, and less titles across different presentation formats available for consumption. That said, PreCure is indeed grand enough to warrant a questionnaire like this, but with it comes a few caveats.

Firstly, this is merely a questionnaire based on a short series of questions that aim to separate shows from each other based on particular characteristics. By no means is this indicative of the overall quality or potential for enjoyment for a particular show, since certain characteristics can align with someone’s tastes, but can still fail to execute those characteristics.

Secondly, unlike WRL’s quiz, that subjectively ruled out shows that didn’t stand up proper as a gateway gundam, I tried to include every single PreCure series to date. I personally feel that there is a PreCure series for everyone, and with every addition to the franchise, there is even more design space that is explored that can appeal to even more people. This is why it is necessary for me to update this list to include completed series as they are added throughout the years (of course, this assumes that PreCure and Cure Blogger live to see those particular years).

Thirdly, the quiz can essentially come down to an arbitrary suggestion. If I had to choose personally, I would suggest Heartcatch simply because it’s the most well-received show in the franchise, and is most likely to be well-received by newcomers to the fandom. However, there isn’t any fun in that, and the quiz itself can provide interesting results, even for people who have already watched every single series.

Alright! That pretty much covers the thought processes behind this particular questionnaire. Many thanks to Ghostlightning and mecafetish for coming up with the concept, as it has not only led me to find my own gateway gundam, but it also helped me conceptualize its PreCure analog. Click here to begin!

Feedback would be greatly appreciated here. If you’re a newbie to Pretty Cure, I would like to know which show you ended up with. If you’re well-read in the franchise, please let me know if there are any tweaks or bugs in the quiz that I can look at.

14 thoughts on “What Is Your Starter PreCure?

  1. I already watched some PreCure (Heartcatch+movie, All Star movies, and now I’m watching Doki Doki) but I decided to confront my choices with this test. And I got Fresh PreCure. I planned to watch Smile next, but now I’m interested to see if Fresh’ll appeal to me.

    1. Fresh is reasonably close to Heartcatch with regards to the uniqueness of art style, and it certainly has some interesting midway arcs much like that of Cure Sunshine and Moonlight’s individual arcs, but at the same time, there are a few differences between this show and Heartcatch, namely that of the effect of power creep on the plot. There are some minor character nuances in Fresh really come through effectively despite the overall silliness and lack of care in production compared to Heartcatch, but it certainly has its own charms that make it stand out from its series oe year removed. Enjoy!

  2. So, I took it four times, and despite hearing so many great things about Heartcatch, it never came up for me (So I’m kind of curious what string of answers leads to that one).

    I got: 1) Suite, 2) Fresh, 3) Smile, 4) Futari wa

    I’m the kind of jerk that read CYOA books by reading all the endings first and backtracking.

    1. CYOA is pretty much paperback visual novels. Literally, novels. It’s quite understandable. iirc, the route for Heartcatch is Modern style -> Dominating motif -> Visual style

    1. A very interesting choice. While Suite is one of the lesser lauded PreCure series, it certainly has a lot to offer, including wonderful transformations, great first-half chemistry between Cures Melody and Rhythm, and the best soundtrack in the franchise. It’s a good start for a first precure, as you’ll be able to get into the other series much easier.

  3. Though I have already finished watching Precure except Max Heart and Suite, my first Precure starter is Fresh!
    Actually, I started watching Fresh after Smile, so this quiz was reasonable to me. Fresh seems diferent from my favorite Smile, but I love it because its plot is great especially, Cure Passion’s(Eas) story.
    But, I have trauma of Fresh mascot who says,”My name is infinity” again and again, though.

    1. Fresh is very different from Smile, particularly due to the character arcs that you see from some of the Fresh characters like Passion/Setsuna. You won’t see any of that in Smile, but it’s impossible to ask for everything from a single show. That’s why this fun little quiz exists. It just points you in the direction of where to start, and then watch all of the other shows from there.

      (And yeah, Chiffon gets a bit creepy during the whole infinity thing, lol)

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