Smile PreCure! Episode 48 (END): Happily Ever After

Smile PreCure!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were five girls who had saved the world from an eventual Bad End. An evil emperor named Pierrot had brought the peaceful world of Marchenland to its ruin, and sought to destroy the world with his wretched power and intent to spread despair to all. With the help of his subordinates, Joker and the Bad End Generals, he had almost accomplished his nefarious goals, but the five girls, each representing the five lights hope that guided mankind towards a brighter future, banded together and became the Smile PreCure.

Smile PreCure!

Miyuki Hoshizora, a bright-eyed transfer student to Rainbow Hills middle school, answered the call to awaken as Cure Happy. With her PreCure Happy Shower, Happy took on the responsibility of becoming the leader of her group, bringing together the hopes and fears of her newfound friends and PreCure allies and banding them into a single light of hope.

Miyuki, who grew up searching for her Ultra Happy, had eventually learned through her trials that the happiness that she was searching for was something that she always felt whenever she was with her friends. It was with the miracle of the Ultra Happy that Cure Happy was able to summon the strength to overcome despair.


Akane Hino was the second girl to awaken as the legendary warrior, PreCure. She loved volleyball, okonomiyaki, comedy, and treasured everything that she held dear to her heart, including her friends, old and new. As Cure Sunny, Akane stoked the fire of passion and shone brighter than any sun in the galaxy.

With her Sunny Fire, this PreCure imposed her feelings of warmth and friendship with everyone, friend and foe alike. No matter the situation, she would always keep a glowing smile that could not be ignored, and during times when she was down, she was never out. Akane Hino was the brilliant sun, and her hot-blooded power would never burn out.

Smile PreCure!

Shy and unconfident, Yayoi Kise was the third girl to become a Smile PreCure. Unlike any of the other girls, she was the least likely type of person to summon the strength of a legendary warrior like those before her. Even after answering the call to become Cure Peace, she was still timid to use her powers such as Peace Thunder, but with the support of her friends, she was able to take on the responsibility of the superheroes that she adored while growing up.

Yayoi loved superheroes, and it was by becoming Cure Peace that she had the chance to live out the ideals of those she idolized, like her original manga creation, Miracle Peace. The heroines she created were strong and full of love, and the feelings that she put into bringing Miracle Peace, she was able to return the love she received from her friends and family, including her late father. As a Smile PreCure, Yayoi had found her own inner-peace and inner-power, and helped defeat Emperor Pierrot. Rock, paper, scissors, Cure Peace was a hero.

Smile PreCure!

Nao Midorikawa, the eldest of seven children, was a role model to her siblings, and was looked up to by her friends and classmates. As the ace of her soccer team, she ran like the wind that would become the source of her power as Cure March. She soon discovered her powers and used her abilities to spread her ideals of justice and strengthen the bond between herself and her family and friends. She was bold and courageous, but was still as vulnerable as those she swore to protect.

She had a peculiar fear of heights and bugs, but most importantly, she was afraid of losing those she shared bonds with. At times, she crumbled under her own pressure to protect those bonds, but she persisted. She was Cure March, and she found strength not only through those she protected, but those who protected her in return. She kept her chin up and kept marching towards that hopeful future. As long as she still stood, her bonds would never break, and against Pierrot, Nao was unbreakable.


Reika Aoki was a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart. The head of her class as both a leader and academic, she was intelligent and had a bright future ahead of her. The only thing that stood in her way of that bright future was the path that was required in order to get there. As Cure Beauty, she saw many different ways that she could take, but which one would she take?

Reika’s journey towards the future that was waiting for her was perilous, and filled with doubt, but she was never alone; she continued blazing forward through the paths that she had seen, guided by the arrow of her Beauty Blizzard. She struck down Pierrot with her utmost force and that of the Smile PreCure, and continued on in the path that she chose, one that involved traveling with her friends.

Smile PreCure!

All five of them together, they became Smile PreCure, and combined their hearts into one, summoning the ultimate power to defeat the ultimate despair. And even though they had saved the world like countless PreCure before them, they couldn’t truly become Smile PreCure without first experiencing sorrow and sadness. Tears were shed over the loss of parents, over the loss of bonds, over the loss of friends, over the eventual bad end that waited for them and the rest of the world, both their own and that of Marchenland.

It was an end that they didn’t want, and this generation of PreCure overcame their hardships with their steadfast true smile, which shone brightly as the light that would guided the world out of the depths of despair, and restored a hopeful future once again. With Pierrot defeated, the world was returned to what exactly what it was in the beginning, to what it was supposed to be.

And the girls returned to being girls, but stronger than they were when they first met. Their experience as legendary warriors would be remembered forever in their own hearts, knowing that they had done something that could only be told in fairy tales. With everyone smiling and ultra-happy, the Smile PreCure lived happily ever after.

16 thoughts on “Smile PreCure! Episode 48 (END): Happily Ever After

  1. Noooooooooooooo THE END IS HERE!!

    That said what a fantastic end to a great precure series and it is technically my first time following one of these magical girl series while it was airing week after week! It was certainly very exciting even though I admit to being bored around the middle when it hit random filler mode, but I kept watching because it was ADDICTIVE and FUN! Sure it is aimed at children; however the messages every week speak directly to our hearts <3

    Holy crap I just can't get over how amazing Misato Fukuen was in the final episode…wow…just wow! That is some heavy emotional stuff and I know most people were all like "STOP CRYING ALREADY!" true it I admit I was kind of surprised how long some of those tear filled scenes were carried on for, but all and all it was alright.

    Now we wait for Doki Doki! I can't wait to see that next and I was hoping that Miyuki would run around the corner and run right into the next precure leader? How awesome would that have been!? Then again if they did that some fans might think all the other cures live in the same city? LOL I wouldn't mind that at all xD

    Cure Peace I MISS YOU ALREADY T______T

  2. Oh, the crying was well-animated, even if there was a whole lot of it. Hell, even I couldn’t help myself at times. It wasn’t so much about the situation, but rather at the idea that such a great show as this is finishing. The strongest point of the episode was the ending itself, after Pierrot was defeated.

    For the most part, PreCure don’t seem to live in the same continuity as each other (though references to Fairy Drop and heartcatch precure characters in one of Yayoi’s spotlight episodes hint otherwise), but it’s always a pleasure to see a new generation of girls go about their own story and leave their mark on the franchise.

    I already miss Cure March ;_;

  3. It’s this show that gave us Yayoi Kise. Even though I did not watch this show, I miss Yayoi.

    Dammit, man. At least we have Miho from Garupan as one of the Doki Doki PreCures.

    1. Definitely going to miss Yayoi. Gonna miss Nao, too. I know this isn’t the end for Marina Inoue, but at least Hisako Kanemoto is pretty new, and will continue getting great roles (like Kotoura-san for instance). March’s seiyuu is still doing stuff here and there like Haganai season 2, but a lead/side role in a new series would be pretty awesome.

      As for Mai Fuchigami, while she will probably be best known amongst otaku for her Miho, she’ll definitely set a make a name for herself within the industry with Alice Yotsuba. That’s an if, of course, but still pretty likely; she’s a very talented seiyuu, based on Garupan alone.

  4. I miss Nao and Akane so much already, especially Akane. As funny as it seems, I loved their characters so much that they sort of became my friends too!

    1. In a way, it does. They become so much a part of our weekly lives that it feels like they’re moving away or something. You can always revisit them through re-watches, but the real bummer comes in losing that weekly experience specific to watching these girls in particular.

      As average as I felt about Suite PreCure, I still ended up missing that feel of seeing Hibiki and Kanade on a weekly basis. It wasn’t the best show by any means, but it was my weekly show, dammit! Of course, Smile quickly replaced that and I moved on to another great thing; Doki will certainly be the same.

    2. Incidentally, how did you feel about the final appearance of the Bad End Generals? I’m glad we got to see them celebrating their happy ending inside the book, but they played such a major role throughout the entire series that I wish we could have seen just a little more of them in the very end.

    3. I’m glad they were mentioned at all, but as you said, being mentioned in passing through the book narration felt a little bit cheap. I understand the artistic choice here, since the series centers primarily around the girls, but at least with regards to the picture book, the illustration itself could have been a little bit more detailed. that said, fairy!generals are just the most adorable thing ever. You should check out the fan art on pixiv. Utterly adorable!

  5. A weak ending for such a good series.
    It was too much of a cry fest for my liking, especially over a character I never particularly cared for (Candy) and who was obviously going to return after the ED credits.
    Still it was a good Precure series with many funny moments. Peace and Beauty will be remembered.

    1. The crying was definitely uncomfortable to watch at times, but it’s certainly not an unfamiliar sight in anime terms. Last time something like that happened, it was during Chuu2koi and dekomori’s tearfest. Couldn’t unsee her in place of Candy at times, tbh hahaha.

  6. It’s been a fun journey watching this and following week after week. Congratulations and thank you so much for blogging this. I’m looking forward to visiting Doki Doki through your perspective as well. ^ ^

  7. What a great character introduction!! I was moved to read great sentences and it reminded me of 1-year Smile Precure, and I want to say thank you for your awesome blogging of it.

    Smile Precure was the first Precure for me, so now I’m missing Miyuki,Akane,Yayoi,Nao and Reika because I love all of them. Even thoigh I started watching other Precures, there is no other Precure better than Smile Precure to me. Of course it is my feeling and I love other Precures like Heart Catch and Fresh, but Smile was so funny and elaborate that I could be into Precure and smile a lot thanks to Smile plot. More importantly, SP gave a lot of newcomers of Precure a door into fans of it. I heard that many newcomers including me started watching the past Precure because they got interested in SP.

    Anyway, I enjoyed Smile Precure every Sunday mornings and learned something important from them, more than that I was very lucky to encounter such a great anime and characters: Smile Precure!!
    Thanks for your blogging and I am looking forward the new articles for Dooi Doki in the next week.

    1. Thank you jun. Thank you very much for always commenting on my posts. I enjoy reading your comments, and appreciate the effort you make into sharing your thoughts in English, even though it’s not your first language. It just goes to show how great the fans of Pretty Cure are.

      Smile was the first PreCure for many people, as you already mentioned. My first PreCure was the original Futari wa Pretty Cure when it was broadcasted in Canada in an English-dubbed version. It was very different from Sailor Moon, which was very popular in Canada back in the 90s, but I loved the concept of a two-girl team instead of the five. While today’s PreCure series focuses on a team of four or more, Smile was the first one since Yes 5 to feature five girls, and they did a wonderful job of bringing back that “team” concept. It’s an interesting first experience for newcomers, and I hope this show was good enough for people to become interested in watching the other shows.

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