Smile PreCure! Episode 47: Light of the Future

Smile PreCure!

The second-last episode is often the most intense one in a series’ run, with regards to the action involved and the production focus emphasized. In particular, Splash Star, Fresh, and Heartcatch all had stunning final battles, which culminated into eleventh hour shenanigans that carried over into the finale. Considering how low the bar was set in the few episodes leading up to this point, it would make sense that the pattern would take effect for Smile as well.

As such, episode 47 was the hallmark of production for the series to date. Despite a few necessary pauses, there was very little room to ease up on the visuals, which kept ramping up the awesome as the action progressed throughout the half-hour. I’m not a sakuga nerd at the slightest, but I absolutely loved what I saw, and it was supplemented by the finality of the story that Smile was trying to tell up to this point.

Smile PreCure!

And by finality, I do mean the emergence of Candy as the successor to the throne of Marchenland, and her role as Royal Candy. When the preview footage was shown at the end of episode 46, I was slightly hesitant about the role that Royal Candy would play, as this sort of character function was awkwardly executed in Max Heart through Hikari/Shiny Luminous (aka Cure Third Wheel). Like Luminous, questions may arise whether Royal Candy counts as a PreCure in the same sense that Luminous and Milky Rose from Yes 5.

I wouldn’t agree with this line of thinking, but there’s no denying that Royal Candy is ridiculously powerful, and bailed out the PreCure like she always has. This time, however, a lot of her contribution came from her own power as the successor of Royal Queen’s power, and her responsibility with the Miracle Jewel that formed as a result of collecting all of the decor. It borders on deus ex, but relating back to the story and its themes, Candy’s inheritance of the Royal title fits perfectly with the themes of “light of hope” and “guiding the future.”

Smile PreCure!

There is a sense of generation and change with Candy’s ascension that hasn’t been seen since the passing of responsibility from Cure Flower to Cure Moonlight to Cure Blossom in Heartcatch, and the resulting continuity detail strays slightly from the show’s tendency to keep things rather static. The Cures don’t change too drastically as people, but are rather explored more in-depth, and aside from the standard PreCure developments like power-ups and collecting plot items, Smile has a status-quo that makes Candy’s new role pretty important.

She’ll probably stay the same mascot character as always once everything is over (particularly with regards to her role in the next All Stars movie, which involves Marchenland to a noticeable extent), it will feel a bit weird for her to remain the same Candy that we’ve known for 46 episodes. I can’t wait to see where her story goes in episode 48.

Smile PreCure!

While opinion of Candy will probably remain divided (as all mascots are usually subject to, save for Tarte because he’s just awesome like that), she is still the beacon of hope for the rest of the girls, who have taken their precure powers to ridiculous levels in this episode. I really hoped that they would showcase this level of combat prowess against the Bad End Generals in episode 45, akin to the battles between the Heartcatch girls and the desert messengers. However, since the summoned foe comes from the all-powerful final boss, Emperor Pierrot, there’s no need to hold back at all.

Let’s start with those combination attacks, which were conceptually very straightforward, and were longed for by fans for the longest time. The novelty was pretty neat yet fleeting, but the overall effect was carried by the girls’ collective demeanour throughout. March and Sunny’s Fire Shoot was a natural fit for the popular Nissan combi, and the sequence that led to the formation of the giant windy fireball felt reminiscent of Mint and Rouge’s exchange against Fusion in the opening sequence of All Stars New Stage. The Fire Shoot projectile itself left a lot to be desired though, as it didn’t look as much like a combination of their attacks as it did during their combined spotlight fight in episode 25.

Smile PreCure!

By contrast, Cures Beauty and Peace’s collaboration, Thunder Blizzard, was much cooler and far more electrifying from both a conceptual and aesthetic standpoints. The evolution of Beauty’s armory takes its conclusion as the ice sword progresses into ice bow and finally into a gigantic ice shard imbued by electricity. There’s a really nice chemistry between Beauty and Peace here.

Beauty’s confidence and skill complements Peace’s scrappiness and determination, and when Peace answer’s Beauty’s call with a “leave it to me,” the associated shot of Peace summoning thunder was done at such a stylish angle that made the entire attack much more flashy than their Nissan counterpart. Beauty/Peace is a thing, and it’s an awesome thing at that.

Smile PreCure!

The final animation sequence occurs after all of them are pulled from the abyss of the Bad End world, unsurprisingly thanks to Candy, and it spelled out the whole idea behind Smile PreCure’s power. In a world destined to a potential Bad End, the Smile PreCure are there to light the way to a better future. This emphasis on looking towards the future is a concept that stands on its own like other overall messages from the other series.

In comparison, Yes 5’s message is about having a dream and working hard to reach it. Smile is about persistence and never giving up hope, because the future is always off in the distance, and the light that leads the way towards there is that which comes from your friends and loved ones. It’s a complementary message to Smile’s sentai counterpart, and further sets the duality between these two wonderful shows.

Smile PreCure!

The final episode is this weekend, and the shining future of the PreCure franchise comes ever closer with the end of this series, and the start of a new one. Get ready those goodbyes and look back at the wonderful memories when the time comes, as this was a wonderful year in Pretty Cure, which can only lead to more great times ahead.

5 thoughts on “Smile PreCure! Episode 47: Light of the Future

  1. oh my god what a awesome episode! Even Candy had some awesome stuff going,but the entire time I kept on thinking it was Chopper from One Piece and I guess you could count her as being the 6th precure!

    Peace and Beauty had such a cool looking combo and of course I loved March and Sunny combo attack as well, but the final forms are so amazing looking! So they have what? Three forms? Normal cure > Princess form > This final one or are there only 2? xD

    Things are gearing up to the end and I will miss the characters of Smile a whole lot, but at the same time I am really excited and curious to see how the cast of Doki Doki does in a few weeks from now!

    Peace you will be missed! Thankfully I can look forward to the Smile Precure movie and the next All stars <3

    1. Tony Chopper is such a cool character. I can see the comparison here, though I don’t believe Royal Candy will be officially recognized as the sixth anytime soon.

      The third form looks pretty close to their princess form, except with extra halos and all that jazz, so it’s kind of like the powerup they get in their normal modes. There’s still room for a final ultimate form, in the same vein as previous series, and for some reason, I’m hoping that it’s a type of fusion form.

  2. Hi! Let me just say I adore reading your blog and all the wonderfully insightful ideas you have to share about PreCure.

    One thing that stood out to me particularly was the moment when Peace and Beauty executed their combined attack. I immediately flashed back to older episodes and thought of how startled Peace used to be when she would summon thunder. But now, that fear and apprehension seems to have faded greatly in her and we see the more confident and self-assured person she has become through her experiences. Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to be deep about this, but it really stood out to me!!

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on episode 48 after it airs! Cheers!

    1. Very awesome point about Peace Thunder. On top of what you mentioned, it’s not the only time where she doesn’t get startled from summoning thunder, either. In the father’s day episode, she calls it down, but instead of being startled, she cringes slightly. It’s a gradual change which was super awesome at the time, but it would build on that later on. In the Miracle Peace episode, when she powers up and does Peace Thunder Hurricane, she doesn’t flinch at all. In fact, she just holds it up and the camera zooms in on her in the most badass way. This gets revisited in the Bad End PreCure when she calls down Peace Thunder Hurricane while getting hit by Dark Thunder.

      Her apprehension about her precure powers have gradually disappeared as the show progresses (granted, after they get Rainbow Burst, their individual attacks become somewhat useless), and at the end, she’s far removed from her original fears and is now this sort of omnipotent thundermaiden. Thor, watch out!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Always appreciate someone stepping forward to comment on the blog :)

  3. In this episode, I felt good combination and Candy’s transformation and finally Smile Precure is going to its crimax. I had no surprise at Nissan combination because they are common in some points, but onthe other hand, Peace and Beauty combination was unexpected combination, but nicely done and thunder blizard was frashy and cool. Also, I felt they developed theirselves in the 47 episodes, so thier combo attacks and overcoming abyss by Candy and theirselves were really moving and touching scenes.
    At first,before I had not watched precure, I had prejudice of Precure because they were for little kids; however, once I watched Smile Precure, it was amazingly interesting and full of lessons even for adults, and I became a fan of Precure without notice. I want to appreciate Smile Precure because this anime made me remember something important that I had fogotten such as not giving up, how important friendship is, a road,a decision, family・・・everything that I usually forget in the peaceful life.

    About Smile Precure, this precure has some big concepts like “persistence,never giving up hope and proceeding to the glittering future ” as you wrote, for this Smile Precure was created after the year of big earthquick happend on 11th, March. The director of Smile Precure set one of the goals as he wanted many people to overcome their difficulties. So, precure was name “Smile” Precure to make many people smile through this anime. I am one who received “Smile” from Smile Precure, I love it because I feel happy and smile every time I watch it. The rest of it is finally the last one, I want them to reach the ending with “Smile” I am looking forward to the last commnent of it as well as Smile Precure!!

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