12 Days of Smile PreCure #7: Pierce The Heavens With Your Drill-Hair


I wouldn’t say that I am a super robot fan, at least, to the extent that some of my other blogger compatriates are, but I am more than capable of being entertained by many of the common elements of the genre, much in the same vein that I am entertained by the Pretty Cure formula. That said, I can’t really say with any sort of genre authority if Smile PreCure episode actually remembered love for the shows it was making reference to (if they were at all. I’m pretty sure they were, but I don’t want to come off as a robot poseur in this post).

That said, this particular iteration of Smile PreCure just felt like a robot show, or at least, a robot show parody or homage or whatever it is that this episode was trying to be.  There were plenty of goofy antics afoot, whether it be from the comical reactions from the characters (namely, Cures March and Sunny), or the perfectly campy performance of Hisako Kanemoto as the robo-otaku Cure Peace. Even the bystanders of this very special Akanbe fight, namely Majorina and Candy, took on the same energy that the audience was getting. I can’t say with any particular supporting evidence whether or not the primary demographic picked up on the energy of the show, but a subset of the periphery will surely pick out this one episode as their favourite of the series, and perhaps the year.

Gattai Akanbe!

Gattai Akanbe!

The best moment of this fight between Happy-Robo and the Akanbe happened right after Cure Beauty took the reins with her absurdly fast learning of Happy-Robo’s controls. The resulting trump card shown by Wolfrun and Aka Oni’s Akanbe immediately brought me back to Gurren Lagann.

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I’ve made baseless comparisons about how HeartCatch PreCure was the Gurren Laggan to Madoka Magica’s Evangelion, but for just one week, I could feel the magic behind the super robot genre, and regretted slightly that I wasn’t a bigger fan. I can’t even fathom how well this episode was received by the more hardcore fans. Either way, it’s definitely a noteworthy moment in the series, and has a spot somewhere amongst the best episodes overall this year.

9 thoughts on “12 Days of Smile PreCure #7: Pierce The Heavens With Your Drill-Hair

  1. DUDE! This episode was so awesome and it totally caught me off guard because I didn’t know there was going to be any mech types running around in Smile Precure, but it worked and of course Yayoi being a huge fan of giant robots helps~

    I loved how Reika became the pro pilot because she read the instructions?! I wonder if that was a stab at main gundam pilots who fall into those machines and kind of suck at first! If so that would be very hilarious 😉

    I want a Miyuki Mecha <3

  2. This epidode is beyond precure series, I saw this smile precure as if it was a robot anime that boys like. I was a little surprised to see how much Yayoi liked robots anime (even before she seemed to like anime and manga). Yayoi’s craiziness for robots was awesome, maybe many men who like such an action scene came to like her or even more. Such an episode in the precure series were a new challenge and I think that it was a big success, good job, animators!
    Yeah. My favorite precure, cure beauty, did a great job. What a super technique she has! Smile Precure would be in a pinch if Reika(Cure Beauty) were not in the team, I think that whenever Reika does a good job with her intelligence.

    1. Cure Beauty really has become my favourite precure as well. Even though she’s the most different from the rest of the cast, she doesn’t get a chance to stand out too much. I’m glad she gets her little moments in other characters’ spotlight episodes, like in the super robot episode and the Cinderella episode, which will also be one of the posts in this 12 days series.

  3. God forbid we shepherd the masses into watching one of the essential anime shows of all time!

    Seriously, watch Utena, people. It doesn’t have to be old and ugly just because it was made pre-digital colouration!

    1. Utena is great! Ikuhara does such great shows, I highly recommend it, though I’ve only seen the first arc, haha. I’m waiting until I can get my hands on the box set so I can watch it.

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