Doki Doki! PreCure: What We Know So Far

Logo for the 2013 edition of Pretty Cure, “Doki Doki! PreCure”

With Smile PreCure inching ever closer to its grand finale, Toei Animation is looking ahead to next year and making preparations to add its next Pretty Cure series to the franchise. The studio trademarked the title Doki Doki! PreCure back in October, and only recently released a promotional advertisement for their new show.

Based on a snippet from promotional material from TV Asahi, the broadcasting station that airs PreCure, Doki Doki’s story centers around the main character (presumably the pink cure shown above), Aida Mana, who awakens as a Pretty Cure with the help of a fairy named Sharuru. She gives herself the moniker Cure Heart and fights against the villains known as the Selfish, who seek to manipulate the hearts of others.

Like HeartCatch PreCure’s theme involving heart flowers (in which everyone has a unique heart flower that reflects who they are as individuals), Doki Doki tackles the idea of feelings within one’s heart, which are dynamic and affected by the hearts of others. There’s a running conflict between selfishness and selflessness, the former represented by the antagonists, and the latter being a distinctive personality trait of Mana Aida, the new heroine. The concept of “manipulating hearts” is fundamentally different from the brand of antagonism shown by the Desert Messengers in HeartCatch, such that the villains in HeartCatch don’t aim to directly change the way a victim feels in their heart, but rather exploit existing negative feelings to make their heart flower “wilt.” Doki Doki villains are probably going to attack positive feelings and turn them into negative ones.

Doki Doki! PreCure’s similarities are not just limited to HeartCatch; there are plenty of other aspects from other franchises that are returning to play in this iteration. Firstly, the mascot-transformation item is making a return from the days of Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. This system doubles a mascot character with the item that a girl uses to transform into Pretty Cure, meaning that each girl is directly associated with a particular mascot/item. In this case, the item itself takes the form of a phone-like device, much like that of Yes 5 and Fresh’s trinkets.

In addition to the individual mascot sidekicks, there’s a central infantile mascot character, probably similar to that of Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure. There’s no confirmation as to whether or not this particular mascot will act like an infant like Chiffon did in Fresh, but the promotional description hints that this character’s appearance will bring about plenty of hijinx similar to that of Fresh, and if history looks to repeate itself, expect the fate of the world to heavily tie to him or her.

Possibly most notable from this poster is the confirmation of a 4-girl cast of cure, at least initially. There were rumors running wild that Doki Doki would return to the “traditional ways” of the 2-girl cast, even speculating that the 2-girl cast would be twins. This 4-girl confirmation is an instant debunk of this particular rumor, though there’s always potential to add more precure haflway through. Just ask Suite and Fresh, who started off with two and three cure, respectively. In the case of Suite, rumors of the additional precure turned out to be way off the mark after the new cures were revealed in the series.

The names of the main characters in next year’s PreCure are as follows:

Mana Aida -> Cure Heart
Makoto Kenzaki -> Cure Sword
Alice Yotsuba -> Cure Rosetta
Rikka Hishikawa -> Cure Diamond

The names of the PreCure members in this iteration take on the playing cards motif, with each cure named each suit in a deck of cards. While Heart and Diamond’s references are straightforward, Cure Sword refers to spades, and Rosetta referring to clubs (Cure Rosetta’s family name, Yotsuba, also means clover). While playing card naming theme is tied to the main series through Cure Heart, the visual motif of card suits is a revisit to one of Fresh PreCure’s visual motifs, where Love Momozono/Cure Peach’s cure stick traces out a heart during its attack animation, Miki Aono/Cure Berry with spades, and Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine with diamonds; their combination attack with the 4th pretty cure, Setsuna/Cure Passion, utilizes clover imagery as well.

Doki Doki! PreCure is scheduled to air on February 3, 2013, meaning that Smile PreCure is set to run approximately 47-49 episodes in total before it’s timeslot is replaced. Only a few more episodes remain until Smile PreCure is over; let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

8 thoughts on “Doki Doki! PreCure: What We Know So Far

  1. Fufufu thanks for the info Krizzly! As always I look forward to seeing more Doki Doki posts in the future~

    Yeah after reading the stuff about the new doki doki villains it does sound a lot like Heartcatch, but I kind of enjoy when they try to keep a general “theme” even going far to name cures after card suits? Awesome! I can’t wait to see what this series does! That said I have seen a lot of hate towards the oldschool-ish looking character designs? Personally I don’t mind them even though I admit the new baby looking mascot caught me by surprise…thankfully that is a minor thing so I will get over that xD

    Which girl do you like just based off name? I like Makoto only because it reminds me of Makoto from Idolmaster? When I saw the name Mana Aida I kind of laughed a little thanks to people screaming in WoW raids I NEED MANA! or OUT OF MANA!

    Cure Sword just sounds badass btw~

  2. I agree the leaked character designs are a bit weird, but then again, they look slightly off from what they look like in the official promotional material, so I’m certain it’s not going to be the pixel-for-pixel appearance that they will take in the show. If you look at early designs for other shows like Heartcatch and Suite, their base designs are just for reference, they all ended up looking different from the tv version, so it’s just a matter of wait-and-see. For reasons such as these, I’ll only be blogging based on official promotional information, rather than leaked info and spoilers from inside sources.

    As for the cures themselves, I have a preconception such as yours for girls with the name Makoto, who are mostly athletic, tomboyish, and to some extents, even delinquent in nature. In terms of magical girls, the first character that comes to mind is Makoto Lina/Sailor Jupiter from the Sailor Moon series. If she’s any sort of precedent for Makotos in the genre, then I can already see Cure Sword living up to that moniker with that sort of personality. Her Cure name is pretty bold compared to most other names, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.

    That said, I’m actually most interested in Cure Rosetta. She’s a redhead with a hairstyle similar to Urara/Cure Lemonade from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Her name, Alice Yotsuba, potentially implies some sort of foreign influence, possibly relating somehow to the Alice from Alice in Wonderland (also loosely related to card suits through the Queen of Hearts and others). Rikka/Cure Diamond is also somewhat interesting, since her Cure name gives off an air of regality, making her a potential ojou-like character in the group like Reika is in Smile. I’m just speculating though, so I’m somewhat interested in how the group dynamics play out. With a leader cure and a heavily implied tomboy/tough girl cure, having a ladylike and ultra-girly cure would definitely balance the other two out, which is my hope for Diamond and Rosetta, respectively.

    1. Ahhh yeah now that you mention that you are right about the Makoto name for most characters they usually turn out to be tomboyish which is always a fun thing! Just like Akane in Smile of course~

      Cure Rosetta sounds interesting as well and I do like redheads fufufufu and yeah you are probably correct about the whole character design aspect of Doki Doki! Those base designs are there to say “yeah we have a few things to show” because in the end they are trying to sell a product, but I agree until we see them in action we might grow to enjoy it.

  3. I always enjoy your articles about precures. Doki Doki PreCure looks good, but compared to other precures, the mascot of it is human-like charactor(It looks a little strange, but I may get used to it when dokidoki starts). All the precure fans in Japan are excited to wait for the next precure, and they are discussing which voice actoresses will be and what kinds of stories will take place.

    I am also looking forward to the dokidoki, but I do not want smile precure to finish(Thanks to, smile precure, I started to watch precure series・・・but,it cannot be helped.)Anyway, I want to enjoy the rest of smile wholesomely.

    Could I ask 1 question? How do foriengers get information about precure and watch precure?

  4. hi jun, thanks for commenting!

    As you know, while PreCure is mostly known in its local Japan, there are plenty of communities outside of Japan, scattered across different parts of the world. I don’t know much about precure fans outside of North America (i.e., in Spain and Italy), but I know that news goes around fast on the Internet in North America through tumblr and news sites like Anime News Network. Also, there are a few people over here that speak and understand Japanese who like to pay close attention to fan discussion on Japanese websites like 2ch. Hope that answers your question!

  5. I have wondered why precure and anime fans can get information, but I finally understood. I appreciate your help, Mr. krizzlybear. In Japan, too, there are many communities of anime fans especially on the Web and they talk about and discuss anime. It is natural because they are Japanese. However, even though most foriengers do not understand Japanese,they get information and enjoys Japanese anime. It has been my mystery, but I totally understood thanks to you.
    Anyway, form now on, too, I am looking forward to reading articles about precure(especially smile precure) because I love スマプリ(fans call smile precure スマプリ)and English. Thank you, krizzlybear, nice friend!!

  6. I’m actually from Hungary and we also have a lot of fansites for precure but we’re an animefan country anyway XD I just love the concept of dokidoki because Heartcatch was my fav season :) also I am quite curious about the villains I wonder what they’re gonna be like, I heard that they’re going to be based on demons and their names are Ira, Marmo and Pell but sadly I couldn’t find any pictures of them.

    1. Hello there! Thanks for leaving a comment, I love it when fans from abroad leave messages here. It’s wonderful how precure fans from all over are Hungary for more Doki Doki info! As for the villains, I did read on the wikia that the villains would be named as such, but I’ll wait for more info from Toei’s official statements and press releases.

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