Smile PreCure! Episode 34: Fashionably Ever After

Everyone has a happy smile at the culture festival!

Cure Blogger is back with a new post on the most recent episode of Smile PreCure, as I will resume blogging this super-fun series from here on out. It’s been a pretty great ride ever since episode 17 where I last left off. A whole 17 episodes later, we’re finally at the Nanairogaoka school festival, and a fashion show that attempts to encapsulate the cumulative tone of the show leading up until now.

Like all other stock episodes in the franchise, the school festival episode is always a treat to watch in PreCure because it happens in the later half of the series, and usually starts the run of episodes leading up to the show’s finale. In addition to Smile, let’s take a look at a few other series that centred around the school festival.

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